Building a House in Heaven: Pious Neoliberalism and Islamic Charity in Egypt

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Mona Atia

Quadrant: Global Cultures

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Mona Atia makes the connection between Islam and capitalism to examine the surprising relations between charity and the economy, the state, and religion in the transition from Mubarak-era Egypt. An enlightening look at the simultaneous neoliberalization of Islamic charity work and Islamization of neoliberal development.

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$25.00 paper ISBN 978-0-8166-8917-0
$67.50 cloth ISBN 978-0-8166-8915-6
280 pages, 31 b&w photos, 3 tables, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, November 2013

Table of Contents

A Note on Transliteration
1. The Economy of Charity
2. State Interventions: Managing Poverty and Islam
3. A Space and Time for Giving
4. Privatizing Islam
5. Business with Allah
6. Islamic “Life Makers” and Faith-based Development
Appendix: A Geographer’s Ethnography of Islamic Economic Practices
Glossary of Arabic Terms

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